Yeah…well not “those” kind of shots. Juliet will be getting some vaccines today. Hopefully she’ll cry for only a few seconds and brush it off. She’s got chubby legs like her pappy. Right now she’s sound asleep… Dreaming about shots of breast milk. 😉

UPDATE: Juliet did great! She cried for like 5 seconds…tough girl like her mama 😉 She ate right after and was back off to dreamland. We then went on  to visit mommy’s job to meet all of her friends there and everyone loved her. Her cheeks were a hit!

Next goal: 4 month shots and ear piercing!

Juliet got her first shot. Not one wimper. When she got the second shot…oh boy! She cried the loudest we’ve ever heard her cry and it was a different cry then what we usually hear. However, it only lasted less than 30 secs during which the nurse gave her a final shot. She cried longer when they gave her an oral vaccine beforehand. It must have been nasty tasting. Here she is 20 minutes later:

Momma gave her some comfort food: breast milk.

Juliet was checking out her St. Paddy’s Day Doo.


Sorry Folks!

We’ve been so busy that we havent been able to update the blog! A lot has happened in the past two months: Juliet’s 5 months now, she got baptized, she got her ears pierced… and so on. We’ll try to get on it soon. We are also thinking about changing the layout of the blog too! Keep you posted folks.

Greetings. members of the Juliet Fan Club (JFC)! 

So Juliet had her 2 month “well baby” visit. Her shots went very well, as did her oral dose of live rotavirus. She fussed more with those than with the shots but overall very good. Dr. Sharma also said that Juliet is measuring very well at a whopping 12 lbs 2 oz , 22 inches! She eats like a champion 🙂 Next visit will be in about 2 months when she will get another series of 3 shots 😦  We will try to get to the ear piercings before then if I have the courage.

‘Til next time, JFC!

So we visited G’ma (grandma Mary) today. G’ma was very happy holding Juliet. G’Ma said she was big like her daddy. “Are you feeding her too much?” she said. LOL.

G’ma was very alert and talkative. It was good to see her healthy. Big ups to auntie Geng and family for taking great care of her.

It was one of my dreams to see my child being held by my G’ma. Here is the moment captured by Juliet’s uncle Frad.

John Paul


Our wild child in her new swing.

Sorry all, we haven’t sent the official announcements yet via snail mail. But here something to hold you over:


Happy Valentine's Day 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009